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Description: Sometimes called a Rickshaw, sometimes called an Action dolly or Cine Rover. This "mini camera car" can hardmount a steadicam in seconds for the smoothest-fastest and most locked-down horizon shots ever. The operator can also wear the Steadicam attached to his vest and stand on the front of the rig where he is safe and secured and able to move at speeds faster than his own - then he is able to safely dismount and continue the shot anywhere. The rig can also be used with Conventional Camera set-ups or fast moving Hand-Held shots.

The Riskshaw is shown here with a pair of sand wheels and studio rear wheels. We also carry 20" wheel chair tires for studio and street surface or full sand wheels for beach shots. Comes complete in three cases.

Daily Rental Rate: $350 per week

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Description: The UltiMate is a handheld or tripod-mounted Director’s finder the includes interchagable lens mountings, multiple camera type/format ground glasses, and an optitional ½” ccd video tap. That provides immediate video prints that can be produced to study for comments or changes of complex shots.
The ultimate is best used in difficult camera placements before the camera is moved and mounted (again!) or for complicated Steadicam or Dolly moves so the DP can commit to the move and work flow on the shot’s set-up can continue. This is a must-have camera tool.

Daily Rental Rate: call for daily and weekly rates

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Description: Forget your IDX, your Modulus 3000, Camtrans or any other video transmitter that "almost works."

The Boxx Meridian is the SD or HD video transmitter for any HD Video or Film -style camera. With its near zero Latency and up to 270 feet of range its the choice for Live TV events, Steadicam, or Handheld shots on Features, TV, or Commercials that demand an absolutely clear picture for those impatient directors at Video Village.

The kit comes complete w/ receiver and transmitter with cables, antennas, and Anton Bauer power-thru mounts as well, as plate adapters for cameras like the ARRI Alexis.

This EMMY awarded receiver can not only transmit perfect HD pictures but can be used as a base station to send out SD signals as well- at the same time. No more piggybacking modulus 3000 transmitters to get standard signals out to camera and sound departments.

Daily Rental Rate: call for weekly rates

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